Remodeling? Questions to Ask During Your Pre-Construction Meeting

    Embarking on a remodeling project is an exciting endeavor—you’re finally going to get that new kitchen or finished basement you’ve been longing for. But going under the knife, so to speak, is also a stressful prospect. That’s why scheduling a pre-construction meeting with your remodeling professional is essential.

    According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the pre-construction meeting is a key opportunity for the remodeler to explain exactly what will be done, as well as how the job will progress. It also provides a chance for both parties to define their expectations and flag any problems that may arise. The goal is to alleviate as many surprises in advance as possible.

    Here are just some of the issues the NAHB recommends you discuss with your remodeling professional during the pre-construction meeting:

    • Are you okay with signs on your property? In addition to acting as a marketing tool, signs help contractors and suppliers locate your home. Decide now whether you will agree to this.
    • Discuss which areas of your home will be off limits to workers. You may discover that workers need access to certain rooms for part of the project.
    • If you have an alarm system, determine how it will be handled. Will you give the construction crew a key, or do you plan on having someone on the premises to let them in?
    • Figure out a plan for removal of trash. Agree upon where the dumpster will be located.
    • Ask if any utilities will be interrupted during the remodel, such as water or electric, and if so, for how long. This will help you decide whether you will need to find other accommodations for a period of time.
    • What will take place in terms of daily clean-up? Make sure your expectations are in sync with what will actually take place.
    • When will work begin and end each day? Where will workers park? Once you find out, be sure to let neighbors know.
    • What are your rules concerning workers using your landline for local calls? What about using your bathroom?
    • Let your remodeler know what your rules are when it comes to smoking, profanity and music.

    Laying all of this out in advance will help make for a smooth project and a pleasant working relationship for all.

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